The Quest Benross Mini Oven Simple and Practical

The Quest Benross Mini Oven: Simple and Practical click here for toaster oven review

The Quest Benross Mini Oven is easy to use and ideal for small spaces, mobile homes, camping expeditions and those many times where a large kitchen oven doesn’t fit the bill. The 9-Liter is not much larger than a toaster for 4 slices of bread. It’s ideal for one or two people, for toast or burgers, soup or entrees. The 18-Liter works for larger items, and there is also a version with rotisserie which can roast a small chicken or a couple of game hens.

Here are a few of its special features:

The Quest Benross Mini Oven, unlike many other toaster ovens, is simple to use. The 9-Liter version has only two dials – one for the temperature and one for the timer. The timer with bell can be set for up to an hour.


The 18-Liter version has an additional selector dial for different features. There is also an 18-Liter version – the Quest Benross Mini Oven with Rotisserie – which enables you to roast a whole small chicken – or maybe a couple of small game hens.


Both ovens have two levels so that you can cook two items at the same time – let’s say a pizza for one person and a grilled cheese for the other one.

There are five heating elements in the 18-Liter version of this mini oven, and the oven has a tempered glass door so you can have the oven on your table or counter and watch the cooking process until your toast, pizza or burger looks just like you want it.


The Quest Benross Mini Ovens come in two small and practical sizes, one for camping, one for your counter at home – neither one takes up a lot of space. They are not complicated to use, and the dials are easy to understand. An elderly person or a person with a complicated life will find the oven easy to operate and a great time-saver.


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